"The Inaugural Plain Buddhist Tent Village will be for those who wish to learn how to live in deep cooperative community and material simplicty through the teaching of the historical Buddha"

    4th - 19th July 2015


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  • Finally, most of the changes have been completed. Hope the new look and feel is pleasing to the eye.

    All the video recordings are now available on the Dhammanet Youtube Channel. Only the audio (mp3)...

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    The Body-
    Once ejected from the womb, the parents look after;
    Bathing, feeding, clothing and attending to every need-
    Until you are old enough to take care of it.
    YOU take over;

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Spreading the Wisdom

Dhammanet is a repository of inspiring and enlightening discourses by respected scholars, Buddhist monks and philosophers. You are invited to browse through the Audio Library and the Video Channel  to share and spread the wisdom within. Dhammanet grew out of a collection of talks given by Bhante Sujato. Bhante Sujato's latest Sydney Dhamma Talks could be found filed under the Far Shore cagegory.